Sunday, April 3, 2011

When, oh when should I come out?

I'm definitely running out of room in here and my legs are feeling a little crunched. My Daddy talks to me every night and tells me to keep my head down, chin to chest, back to Mommy's belly. I'm trying really hard to be a good boy and listen. I just love to practice my jujitsu and move around but its getting harder to pull back for a good punch now. Maybe I should start making preparations to move out? I can hear my Mommy and Daddy talking about how much they love me and how anxious they are to meet me. That just makes me more anxious to finally get out and start lapping up all that lovin'... and some milk. When, oh when will be the best day to rock their world?

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  1. Falcon,

    It's Nanny here! We're waiting patiently for your arrival and want you know there's LOTS of love out here in "the world". I will come to see you when you're a few weeks old and your Aunt Trina will see you, soon, too. You have some great cousins in Florida - Emily and Jackson - and they are also anxious for your arrival!

    I know you're safe and sound and warm in Mommy's belly, but you're getting bigger, now, and need room to stretch those arms and legs. So, chin to chest and make your way out to see us, soon.

    Your Mommy and Daddy are the BEST and you will complete their love nest when you arrive in sunny California.

    We love you, already!