Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Being tricky...

I was being a little tricky yesterday and made Mommy think it was time. Wasn't reeeeeally my fault as her uterus was the one doing all the contracting. I was just going along for the ride. It was getting pretty snug in there during all those tight contractions. It might have been that long walk we took on the beach yesterday. Gotta go, I'm thirsty.

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  1. Falcon,
    You come when you are ready. Just know you have lots of people out here waiting to meet you and shower you with love. You are so loved already! We'll make it worth the journey. Just think of it as a few squeezes, then one giant hug, and pop you are out. It might be a little cold at first, but don't worry mommy and daddy will bundle you up and keep you safe and warm. Just wait until you see your mommy's beautiful face. You will certainly think you are the luckiest little guy in the whole world. Your daddy is pretty cute too!

    So when you are ready just come on out. We are waiting for you with open arms and open hearts. We love you so much.

    Aunt Trina